Effects of high blood pressure on your body.

Effects of high blood pressure

A silent killer, hypertension is to you! By the time it's symptoms become obvious, it would be when it has caused adverse effects or damages on your body for many years. If not treated, many fatal and serious complications might be witnessed which won't be promising. Hypertension complications forms the following:

What is normal blood pressure?/Diagnosing high blood pressure.

Diagnosing high blood pressure/how to understand high blood pressure readings.

Blood pressure readings between 90/60 (mm Hg) and 120/80 (mm Hg) are always considered as ideal or normal. Incase you attain readings ranging from 120/80 (mm Hg) and 140/90 (mm Hg) This might put you at risk of developing high blood pressure if you don't put your pressure under control.