High blood pressure during pregnancy / Preeclampsia.

Blood pressure during pregnancy

Blood pressure equal to or greater than 130/80 mm Hg signifies high blood pressure or hypertension. During pregnancy, high blood pressure if not well managed, might arise to more complications on the mother and the developing baby.ย ย ย ย  A 6-8 percent estimate of pregnant woman in United States of ages between 20-40, according to The Center for Disease Control (CDC), experience this condition.

13 Outstanding Foods That Can Help Lower Blood Pressure.

Olive oil. Foods that can lower blood pressure

Being rich in polyphenols (inflammation-fighting compounds), olive oil is an example of a healthy fat that can reduce blood pressure. Following the DASH diet, olive oil can help you fulfill your two to three daily serving of fat. A part from butter, canola or commercial salad dressing, olive oil can be a great alternative for the same.

Effects of high blood pressure on your body.

Effects of high blood pressure

A silent killer, hypertension is to you! By the time it's symptoms become obvious, it would be when it has caused adverse effects or damages on your body for many years. If not treated, many fatal and serious complications might be witnessed which won't be promising. Hypertension complications forms the following: