Life Great Thoughts.(Great clips notepad phrase thoughts) – “See what you will feel while reading this!”

Our lives are held up by clips. If these clips unfold, worse happens to our health mentally/psychologically and physically. Even our relationships and welfare to our surroundings in concern most probably gets affected too. A good physique attained through physical exercise and a healthy diet forms a relaxed life free from complications. Physical exercise or fitness, good diet, good thoughts and thinking capability towards nature and its relations, both form great clips that hold our lives health-wise. We all can’t stand up strong without these three great clips.

Why should I live when am to vanish?

Why should we live when we are to vanish?

We were given life for free by the Almighty, it’s our honourable duty to protect it by involving ourselves in activities which are friendly to our body’s system and health in our surrounding. We find great enthusiasm through considering life as the following life clips thoughts.

  • Life is the most precious thing to have above everything whether you are poor or rich.
  • We all have a sense of belonging through life whether poor or rich.
  • Each person has his/her taste of life regardless of his economic and other background status.
  • One thing commonly shared whether rich or poor, is the free oxygen around us. Ask yourself, how do I feel while breathing the free air? The answer should always be “a great mutual feeling.” If not experiencing the same living comfort, then it means that you are unwell. If we were given the free air by the Almighty, it means that no one should get unwell. We are all supposed to enjoy life to our capability nevertheless of issues pertaining our economic status.
  • Life is already a workout on its own. For example, We need to feed and you can’t feed on what is not there unless you use your energy to cultivate it.

Ancient world-stone henge and modern world.

According to the ancient world, people could breathe and enjoy life through free oxygen provision by nature, for many years. But what exactly happened to our thoughts towards nature?

Ancient world stone-henge
  • “What happened to the ancient thoughts and behaviours worldwide?” This is because everything that surrounded them was total workout. Should it be hunting for food, fetching water from the stream, collecting firewood, walking for a longer distance in search of food for their livestock and many other scenarios all constituted to workout.
  • “What happened to the current world’s thoughts?” Unfortunately, we have all changed the world negatively today. By spoiling it through global warming and too much processed foodstuffs. “Remember that, the added sweetness corresponds to the harm felt by your organs.” Through this, a lot of complications have successfully managed to attack our health conditions, causing more harm on us.
Global warming

Why is so unique?

Ancient world old age

Looking around you and your neighborhood, you will find that the most aged people living are poor people. Who are!

  • People who haven’t tested what we call sweet foods. I mean the processed junk; they eat natural food direct from land.
  • People who don’t drive to work but walk miles and miles away to their destination.
  • People who are emotionally fulfilled and satisfied with what they have that limits them from stress.
  • People who don’t sit behind the computer or laptop but dig in a broad sunlight to put meals on their table.
  • People who drink natural water direct from the stream but not tap water.
  • People who are satisfied with the little things they possess and cherish in them.
  • People who are humble towards every aspect in life.
  • People who are obedient to others and respect other people’s presence.
  • People who are most welcoming, ready to give out the little things they have.
  • People who are lenient, who understand other people’s presence.
  • People who are open to earth, who don’t understand or know anything about being jealous.
  • People who never new the meaning of jealous and greed.

Why not clean your inside body like how you do it outside?

-You wake up in the morning, brush your teeth with an expensive toothbrush and toothpaste.
– Shower your body with an expensive soap.
– Scrub yourself all over your outside body including the feet.
– Apply expensive body lotions on your body.
– Apply most expensive perfume on your body.
– Put on the most expensive garments.
– Wash your garments using expensive washing machines and detergents.
– Wash your utensils extremely very clean for the fear of getting infections.
– Drink mineral water for the fear of infections.
– Eat from clean expensive restaurants for the fear of getting infections from cheap restaurants.
– Drive big expensive car to your work place.
– Call for a taxi when you want to reach out.
– Enjoy snacks and candy when you feel a little bit hungry.
– Drink soda and juices to quench your thirst.
– Go to parties with your friends.
– Drink the most expensive beer, spirits and wines.
– Smoke cigars.
All these are done from your conscience. But above all, one thing not done, one crucial thing lost in vain. The reason being that it’s cumbersome; that is you can’t endure it. That little cumbersome thing is a “daily workout.”
If you can consider workout as part of your daily routine like the rest of your daily activities, everything will be fine and awesome on your side more than the expensive materials you consider often.

Note that employing physical exercise positive thoughts and making it come first before anything, brings a positive healthy enjoyable life. It should be considered first priority even before the herbs; like ginger, garlic and others. Through workouts, we get natural protection on our immune system. We also get treatment for several sickness. Workouts marks number one prevention and cure of all bad conditions in our bodies.
Wash, cleanse your inside body through workouts. Our inside body means more than anything as compared to the outside. That is, “no inside, no outside; our inside appearance dictates our outside noble or vulgar look.
If it gets dirty inside, you won’t be able to enjoy that expensive material life while your thoughts are already dirty. You will spend half of your life in the hospital beds.

Joy is initiated from the inside and not from the taste of sweet junk foods. Actually natural organic foods gives a good preference of taste but must be associated with exercise for a noble look. If the inside is clean, our life gets cleaner too and marvelous free from infections.
Don’t say, “I haven’t eaten anything dirty, so what is the matter with washing or cleansing my body?” This is an extremely wrong insensitive thought. I will give you a good example about using a bathroom and a towel which relates to the body’s system.
No one showers with dirty water, we all shower with clean water. But how comes our towels get dirty and the bathroom too gets slippery? This is exactly what happens to our bodies. We eat and drink clean foodstuffs but we still end up with the worst infections like cancer.
These occurrences to our bodies relates to the bathroom experiences; how it gets slippery in our bathrooms after using it for a while. Our arteries gets filled up with some residue produced from extra unburntΒ cholesterol taken to our bodies from; eating junk or processed foods. Without engaging in any form of exercise, these fatty residues thickens our arteries making it hard for blood to flow freely. The only way to washout the non emulsion fatty acids is through exercise.

Workout Saves Time and Money.

Why is it so hard to incorporate exercise into being part of your life? While in real sense, exercise is the most cheapest thing among all things you can afford. You don’t need to pay for a gym to look good or be healthy; you are your own gym. Trying jogging, brisk walk around the neighborhood, meditation and yoga workouts, won’t cost you a lot. It all depends on your own effort and endurance to carry on the workout. If you try this, together with non organic natural foodstuffs, you will eventually acquire a brilliant healthy life free from all sorts of infections.

Exercise saves time and money

Saves Time: Through physical fitness, a lot of time is saved in different ways. Most often, we spend most of our time in hospitals consulting doctors about our health. Us being the beholders of our own health, we have the power to manipulate it the way we wish. If you decide to stay without workout, the results are unhealthy living. But if you manipulate your life towards physical fitness, most probably you will live a joyous life. Not only good life is enjoyed but also you save a lot of time by not getting admitted in the hospital for treatment of certain diseases like cancer, diabetes, and  high blood pressure (hypertension). Also there will be no generation being raised positively pre-infected of these dangerous illness at birth: Being caused by their mother’s faults of not taking good care of their health especially while pregnant.
The time saved can be used to carry out other economic activities that might come with positive values.

Saves Money: We always spend a lot of money on our illness treatment due to our bad negative thoughts towards our daily routine chores. Most of diseases are caused by our own negligence to carry out physical activities. Diseases related to laziness or lack of physical activities, are very expensive to handle. This sicknesses include hypertension, diabetes, stroke, heart failure and many others. Through fitness, you can control these illness. By doing so, you will be when you have saved a lot of money which could have been used for the same treatment. Absolutely, staying free from illness, can make you economically stable. This can only be acquired through involving yourself in numerous physical activities throughout the week, of about 30 minutes per day, accumulating to about 150 minutes per week in 5 days time consecutively.

Spoil your clothes with sweat: – Sweating advantages to your health.

Sweating advantages to your health

If your clothes gets soaked in your sweat everyday, note that you have made one year of your life span ahead in your life. Luckily enough, just like a time bomb, our lives are gauged by how much sweat we retain inside. If you accumulate too much salts and sugars in your body, they gonna explode one time just like a time bomb. Through workout, we release some of the salt and sugar limiting our bodies from exploding and getting harmed. “The more sweat you release, the more years or life span you gain.” Above all, what should be loved most, is seeing your sweat dripping down your cheeks and chin everyday. This is another good illustration of a healthy life. Ironically nowadays, most people have taken sweat as an amusement. They really don’t want to sweat or indulge themselves in some physical activities. They always play it “white collar system,” which they aren’t aware of its consequences, like unhealthy lifestyle full of complications that needs hospital care at all times.

NOTE: “Greater are great thoughts that creates, binds, moulds our lives to greater heights and levels, free from disasters.

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