Time count down.

Time being the mastermind of everything earthly, we can’t avoid or do without it. In every decision made, time should be considered first. Everything falls within time brackets. We chase time with us; and we should always consider it in every decision made and situation encountered, to avoid being late in life or being left behind forever. We wake up with it, we run our daily chores with it, we fight it through for completion of our dreams, we sleep, dream and rise up with it again and again. “No time, no life” as it’s a factor that guards our lives.


Time and age

Age is a time count of maturity and years acquired since initiation to the present time. Not just a number. Age shows the number of years in a time cycle you have acquired in relation to maturity. If poorly managed, it can lead us to great repercussions.
Everything on earth has time to mature. When it’s served at its exact time of maturity, it’s so sweet and tasty. But if it overgrows, it deteriorates and decays becoming “no longer or no more serviceable and valuable but useless.” So to me time is everything. All we need is to be conscious with it always. Never let it leave you behind since you will decay. “Learn how to beat time but not be won against by time.”


Time management.

Whether little, less or more time, everything needs time to be built. This is where the problem originates concerning time management. Since sometimes you might decide to slow down your time to achieve something, then eventually you lose it at long last. The issue being that, you failed to do it within the time brackets. However, on the other hand, you might decide to rush up with issues, then what happens? You lose too in the battle.

Time is the biggest mistaken and misunderstood aspect in life by majority of the people. This now leads us to proper time management. Time management is an individual activities’ management within the given time brackets. Remember, no time can be managed on your behalf by others, you need to manage it personally. While managing your own time, consider it always and do manage it well.
Slowing down or making it faster, isn’t proper time management. Doing it within the time’s brackets to complete tasks, it’s good time management. If you don’t beat and manage your time well, you lose. So let’s put this phenomenon of time in our daily life.

Everything we indulge ourselves in, we need to think critically about it to avoid the other side of the coin. Which is, a total loss after much effort and energies have been wasted.
Great time management forms a golden key to success. Remember, you don’t just need to take it literally, you need to think critically about it. By doing so, your life will be enlightened and full of positive results. Since we can’t force ourselves to live forever on earth.
Time really dictates our lives. To me, when you want something, go for it without fear, never hesitate since time doesn’t hesitate on our side. It keeps on clicking wearing off and tearing off our lives. You can’t do anything while old. So try to finish up everything while still fresh and young strong going, before time runs out.



We all talk of Mr/Mr’s right. This forms a big challenge in our lives. Choosing the right spouse, it’s as complicated as seeing heaven. We say ” let me chill and wait, time will bring him or her.” What if that long waiting doesn’t show up your Mr/Mr’s right. We always give up so easily in fighting for what belongs to us with an excuse of “time will tell.” until we eventually find ourselves in another stage like old-age, which forms the most critical stage above all. We always forget that, each and every second counted, substracts or hinders our life span by the same count. You don’t have to sit there with hopes or say God will bring. No! you need to fight through since God’s help only comes when you are already helpful on your own. God’s help and gratitude is just a devine and the grace to help you see what you already acquired. Also give you the strength and values to keep that thing you are holding on your side forever.
Those days of waiting and sigh without considering time consciously, have gone. We got very little time to live with on earth. So use it wisely, if not you will lose everything. Don’t play it the hardest way; ” hard to get game,” if you play it that way, you are playing an “easy to lose game.” I would say, ” play it easy with optimum consciousness and alertness reflecting all the cons and pros that are related.” By executing the right move,  eventually, you will overcome time and emerge not a loser but the winner.
If you can’t fight for your Mr or Mr’s right, he or she will be taken away by those who understands how valuable time is, in the world today.
We say “time will give,” then at long last, you are left alone; not married still very single at your 50s. Because you didn’t consider time so seriously. The moment you bump into that single opportunity, strike it hard without wasting any single time. Know how to handle it in your fingertips. Or else you lose it later on and never see it again. We always forget that, there is no straight forward relationship. The world is full of disappointments and disagreements and we must learn how to handle and live with it. The fact that two people are to live together, misunderstandings must prevail no matter what. The way we end up disagreeing with our own parents, our own children, is the same way we disagree with our spouses. So don’t expect an agreement to last at all times. Be ready to face disappointments and know how to handle them when they strike. Don’t form a cycle of running away from problems since you hate being disturbed. If you do run from problems, you will never be a happy person in life. Know that problems are there and are meant to be solved. Each and every problem can be solved, don’t become a fugitive of your own issues.


Time forms stages in our life. Each stage is meaningful. From the moment we are born, introduced to school, mature, employed to work, marriage moment and lastly death. These stages are fixed and can’t be changed or reversed. We need to consider these stages so seriously to avoid failure in life. Absolutely there are things which can be done at an earlier age but impossible as your old age. For example, sports activities: You can’t play football or run for Olympics and win medals while at your 80s birthday. For the females, you can’t give birth at your 50s birthday. Let’s think critically about this, since most relevant things needs to be done while you are still strong going. Yes for male you can still have kids at your 60s, but you won’t father them well. The reason being that age has stolen away your energies to father, diaper and discipline your siblings. Also at such time, you are fighting with your health complications that come due to aging. So my point is, let us all respect these stages that moulds our life. Any sluggish move, defects time that eventually deforms some of our stages in life, should be avoided.

I understand that there are many slogans and motivational sayings about time. But not every slogan in life, is right to follow. Some are life confusing and misleading despite sounding well. They always have a controversial one after the other, just to give you a false motivational touch to move on during sad moments. They also give you a side excuse just to cover up your failure with false excuses. Open up your eyes wide open and face things directly the way they are. No more unpromising meaningless excuses and complains raised! An excuse won’t let you see the other good brighter side of the coin. It will retard and restrain your move.

TIME AND WORK: What are time management skills?

Time and work.

Time management skills are the adopted habit or character in handling time for the set goals, to avoid work bulk and delayed unfinished assignments. These skills in the character form include:

1. Organization:
Through being organized, you get a clear picture of what to be completed and when, in relation to the completion time of your set goals.
Being organized means, having a tidy environment, undertaking diligent detailed notes, easily locating certain documents at work place and always maintaining your calendar agendas.

2. Prioritization:
The key to good time management is carrying out responsibilities assessment for priority. For example, you might decide to accomplish most time sensitive tasks first, then simple items and eventually finish with longer more involved ones. You need to make a good decision on where to begin and when.

3. Goals and it’s settings:
Setting up of the targeted goals forms a first step in good time management. This gives you a clear picture of what you are supposed to do and the priorities needed to accomplish your set goals. Setting goals to both long and short term, can lead to success in your career.

4. Communication:
Strong and good communication skills network among people you work with, can bring out a clear image of your planned goals and how they are supposed to be carried out and delegated. This brings a strong focus on completion of relevant important tasks in relation to your goals.

5. Planning:
This constitutes to a fundamental part of time managing on plans organisation and fulfillment. You can stick to your schedule through efficiency in your daily plans, also involving meetings acquisitions and accomplishment of other things being involved.

6. Delegation:
Good time management, means easily accomplished goals. Delegation is normally done by the managers but you can also practice this skill in your project tasks carried out. Sometimes it’s problematic to say “no”, but you need to cultivate the courage of saying “no” to controversy and where things are not competently and properly laid. Setting boundaries in any working environment, is very important aspect and must be marked at work places in order to delegate and accomplish goals.

7. Stress management:
Being attentive to your mental health is essential while practicing good time management. Positive handling upon yourself emotionally, can reduce stress and motivate your work performance while handling schedules. This can be done through  initiating time break intervals throughout the day and paying small rewards concerning the tasks done. By doing so, motivation will be high during your tasks schedules.
Through development of these skills, your daily work will be organized; whether you are trying to initiate a new competency, searching for a job or already working.

Why are time management skills important?

Time management.

These time management skills are important for any achievement needed. They help in the structuring of your work that leads to high scores in goals accomplishment. For example, you need time to research a company, apply, prepare for an interview and have other well laid out procedures for acquiring the job.
Alternatively, maintaining your calendar, tasks given and meetings, is necessary for helping the company achieve certain goals in case you are already employed.

Not being fully attentive and focused on time management skills. For example, if you are getting to meetings late, not paying attention to what is being discussed in a meeting, having a project which is not updated, can lead you to trouble. Make sure you are up to date with all the necessary information at your job.
Well managed time, gives you an opportunity to be creative and proactive upon your set goals. It also draws for you a big picture of how useful you are to the company.

Three ways to improve on your management skills.
1. Set short and long-term goals.
2. Manage your calendar appropriately.
3. Prioritize your assignments.

NOTE: “Sometimes quality can’t be earned through prolonged duration of time on set tasks; but within the set time’s bracket.”


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