Overthinking, Worries and Success.

Overthinking, Worries and Success.

It’s said that overthinking and a worried mind brings stress; actually, this is not true. We say that success is the fulfilment of our dreams but how can dreams exist without first thinking and going through some worries? Overthinking during any calamity being experienced will make you find your solutions to evade those calamities. However, overthinking should be rated on positive thoughts. Make sure that whatever your thoughts are, are based on positive thinking. Something that is not harmful to you and the surrounding. Negative thoughts will barely make you successful.

Getting rich or being successful is being able to bring a big valuable change by finding solutions to the problems. How can this be established and achieved without the spirit of worries and thoughts? If you don’t get worried at any point in your life, it means that you are doomed to failure. For example, a man who has a fortune and doesn’t worry about its depletion will lose it all in the end. Worrying and overthinking how you gonna protect your fortune is a brilliant practice. This will make you come up with relevant thoughts that will build up your dreams leading to success. However, the other man who decides to misuse his fortune on drinking and prostitution, forth fully loses everything due to not being worried about how he gonna spend his noble fortune. A fortune is absolutely something that we get once in a blue moon to lift our lives with. If well used, it can last forever but if badly used, it vanishes in the blink of an eye.

Overthinking and worries bring us to time management. Each time spent should be a legacy. Minimize your negative thoughts and limitations at every time approach, count and go. If you are not worried about time, absolutely you will wake up behind time. This leads to poor management of time and if time is poorly managed, no achievements are made.

Time makes the biggest aspect of our lives. It’s our greatest judge upon our duties and achievements. Every second counted and gone should be left as a legacy. Ask yourself, what step have I taken, is it a valuable step on the move? Remember that, every second counted on the other side, cuts your breath by the same one second. Always ask yourself at every count and blink of a second, what have I gained or lost. By doing so you will always leave a legacy at every count of a second. A legacy that will live for many generations to come outshining your name always, even if you are gone. Don’t celebrate for passing a year and entering into another, but celebrate your valuable time and achievements made during your time or year passage. If your thinking changes about how you see time, your future too changes. Never let time chase you, chase time, fight it! Success only comes to those who respect time, manage time and who worry about time on when they gonna fulfil their goals. Those who don’t fancy time are lazy people. People who don’t care about anything and don’t want to worry themselves. To them everything is okay, they wake up any time they think of without worries, sleep and relax anytime during the day. To them, living is not a big issue and legacy doesn’t ring in their mind.

A year after the other, people celebrate but only a few mark the real meaning of their celebrations through their attained and fulfilled yearly achievements and goals. Most people celebrate their failures yearly without knowing. These are people without a vision, people who don’t fancy or respect time. They just deteriorate with time without any prospects. To them, dreams are like a nightmare of illusions and imaginations which will never be fulfilled.

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  1. My two cents ……Life is all about BST…….Blood,Sweat and Tears. Wisdom is earned, not learned.
    Finding a balance (the so called Goldi Loks zone) is the only sustainable position. So you have to worry too much to understand “how” much you need to be balanced………

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