Breastfeeding and geniuses: Breastfeeding measures, types and positions.

Breastfeeding and geniuses: Breastfeeding measures, types and positions.

Breastfeeding is the process of a mother removing and drawing her breast directly to a toddler or an infant feeding milk directly to its mouth or by pumping it out (milking) to a breastfeeding bottle and feeding the baby. According to the studies, breastfeeding has to be done at least 6 months exclusively without any kind of food, water, juices or formula. Should also be continued even after the introduction of light food for one year. However, sacrificing yourself to breastfeed exclusively for at least one year, may facilitate geniuses moulding. This will enhance a super undisturbed growth including its brain’s neural.

Breastfeeding benefits for the baby: Why mother’s milk is the best for the baby?

“I serve, I extract, I have little milk,” should not be an excuse since the more the breast is breastfed, actually the more adequate milk they release for the baby.

Breast milk serves much importance for any born infant. It’s the only foodstuff essential for the development of the baby’s organs and the immune system despite looking thin and light.
Breastfeeding enhances the adequate provision of the antibodies agents used to fight both bacteria and viruses that also helps to strengthen the baby’s immune system, freeing it from common diseases like influenza and other chronic illnesses/sicknesses. It also contains the ideal nutrients and adequate water with nearly perfect proteins, vitamins and fats everything needed for the baby’s ultimate growth. This facilitative stable condition provided by breast milk gives a decent time for the baby’s brain growth-enhancing geniuses.

The baby gains the following from breast milk:

  • Breastfeeding facilitates good outstanding body posture through fast growth, good health and stunning height.
  • Through breastfeeding or breast milk, the baby will have fewer urinal infections, respiratory illnesses, ear infections and fewer bouts of diarrhoea.
  • Breastfeeding stabilizes the baby’s body temperature by generating warmth hence helping the baby to withstand coldness.
  • Breastfeeding brings intimacy (a good sense of belonging), strengthening the love bond between the mother and the baby, through touching skin to skin, eye contact and physical closeness.
  • Breastfeeding balances the baby’s weight protecting it from obesity, asthma and also limits the amount of sugar in the baby’s blood protecting it from diabetes and cancer illnesses.
  • Breastfeeding gives (DHA)-docosahexaenoic and fatty-acids, meant for essential organs wellness like the brain and eyes and nervous system entire development.
  • Breastfeeding/breast-milk cuts down the SIDS rate; which is the (not well-known or well-explained) reason for deaths in infants below one year specifically known as (Sudden-Infant-Death-Syndrome).
  • Breastfeeding increases the memory of the child through elongation of the neural in it’s brain.

So don’t suppress your beloved ones to this (God-given) one golden opportunity. If you care and love your baby, this is the only way to show love. Don’t show love to your baby by introducing drinking water or food before at least one year. We always go wrong; a child has no teeth but we expect it to chew food! This might cause discomfort or constipation in the belly. God wasn’t crazy to make a child be born without teeth. God knew it and that’s why he provided the mothers with enough breast milk as food for their young ones. We all know that dedicating yourself to breastfeeding a baby, it’s like an honourable sacrifice. However, this sacrifice, if we’ll established, brings good results to both parties, both the baby and the mother at long last. How will you feel, when you hear that your child is a grade “A” student? I guess the feelings will be mutual and filled with abundant happiness all the time.

We always feel mercy for our baby’s by giving them drinks and food at an early stage: This is wrong, as it’s the reason why they always have not curable flu including stomach aches and allergies. They end up giving you sleepless and tiresome nights when they cry and disturb you throughout the night, for the pain they are enduring: The pain you have personally caused on them in the form of love. If a baby doesn’t sleep well, the rate of development including that of the brain is very slow. This might affect its concentration in future and can’t be a genius in any way.

Food is good for adults but bad for infants.

Introducing any type of food to an infant before at least one year, it’s a headache to both parties; the mom and the child. If you feed your infant, it’s obvious that it will constipate and also run numerous risks of getting obese, asthma and other allergies related infections. You will always be a visitor to the clinic for the treatment of your cause. We give our infants food in the name of love for the feelings and excuse that they are living human beings. This is a very wrong practice that has been going on. When a child constipates consecutively and is always on medication, its growth is hindered in many ways, especially in the brain. For a brain to develop, it needs no any kind of disruption; just a conducive relaxed environment. You can’t provide that conducive environment by introducing drinking water and meals at an early age. This explains why we end up having very few geniuses born in the world. Periodically genius is inherent, but it can still be instilled in our newborn babies by handling them properly. However, you can also spoil the inherent genius through infant bad handling as explained earlier. Following that, “our parents most probably necessarily our mothers, are our first directives and god,” our lives rely on them upon our childhood. This is very true because when you are young, you can’t decide/carry out anything for yourself or on your own decision. It’s your mother who decides for you and directs, controls your life. Whatever she will decide to do around you, will either influence you or affect you negatively or positively. It will be a better idea if we could change our ways of handling our newborns. If we do so, the world will be full of geniuses and nothing will seem impossible in any sector. We shall have all the complex questions and answers answered by our well-groomed and raised generation. This explains why it’s said that the future depends on our children. We raise them wrong, we produce a bad future. Raising a child well, all starts from the time it’s conceived, born to adulthood. The most delicate stage, it’s the infant. This stage reflects the child’s future. If it’s not handled well with optimum care, it will have a very hard time in the future. A good start matters, so let’s do the right things for our young ones. If you treat them well, you will also end up not losing a lot. Like having sleepless nights because the kid is unwell. Spending a lot of money in the clinic which you could have saved on the other hand. Getting belly fat and losing your nice shape since you don’t want to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding Benefits for the mother: Why breastfeeding is best for moms?

Through breastfeeding practice, the mother gains the following advantages:

  • Breastfeeding helps in quick chopping down of mother’s baby fats or belly fats by releasing the hormone oxytocin, losing pregnancy weight faster. It also reduces uterine bleeding caused after birth. Those mothers who breastfeed a lot, end up losing their baby’s fats so quickly, shaping up and getting to a younger stunning look. Those who don’t breastfeed their infants continuously, end up retaining their pregnant posture even after giving birth.
  • Breastfeeding helps the mother to stay healthy by stabilizing and cutting down the extra amount of calories in the body.
  • Breastfeeding makes the mother flexible, light and ready to go.
  • Breastfeeding lowers the osteoporosis rate/risk, lowering breast and ovary cancer occurrence.
  • Breastfeeding reduces fatigue caused by too much unwanted unused milk in the breasts.
  • Breastfeeding brings a continuous union of happiness to the family as there will be less stress caused by the baby’s unwell situation.
  • Breastfeeding tightens the love ties with your husband as it shapes you back to your previous attractive looks.
  • Breastfeeding saves money since you won’t be required to sterilise bottles and buy formula for the baby.
  • Breastfeeding provides extra time to relax freely with the baby.
  • Breastfeeding saves the mother from illnesses like diabetes and high blood sugar by reducing the amount of sugar in the bloodstream.

Factors that contribute to genius moulding and upbringing.

Particularly, this normally happens after 21years of development from birth. But it can be ignited earlier through the following:

– Exclusive breastfeeding for at least one year with no food or water-fed.
– Develop a frequent sense of skin to skin touch with your baby.
– A humble environment like the introduction of only white stuff on the baby, including garments and everything around. This white surrounding will enhance optimum brain development due to the relaxed atmosphere.
– Lyrical environment; always sing and play some relaxing soothing music to the baby.
– Maintaining the baby’s cleanliness all the time and changing the nappies wherever they get wet.
– Provide cool and calm surroundings with not much noise.
– Always take your baby for a medical check-up or to the baby’s clinic every month.
– Avoid preterm birth by having regular prenatal care before birth.
– Eat a well-balanced diet during prenatal or antenatal care, especially whole meals and avoid processed junk food and drinks, smoking and alcoholism.
– Avoid any unwanted unhealthy activities that may interfere with the health of the unborn baby before and even after birth.
– Engage in numerous prenatal exercises to keep the baby kicking on safely.
– At least 8 – 10 hours taken for sleep per day and enough resting will be essential during pregnancy.

Is breastfeeding safe for all moms and babies? 

Under the following circumstances, caution must be taken regarding breastfeeding your baby safely.

– when you are going through or having a particular medical condition.
– when you are prescribed or using certain medicines. Like while on chemotherapy for cancer.
– when you are using harmful drugs (like marijuana and cocaine).
– when going through or incurring certain medical conditions like (HIV and tuberculosis).
Due to such conditions, some medicines/drugs and infections can be passed through milk to the baby which is harmful to your baby. Always take consciousness and inform your doctor/healthcare provider about your health condition and inquire how harmful it can be to your baby.

Is your baby getting enough milk?

There are many worries about your baby getting enough milk while breastfeeding for good nutrition. A baby which is getting enough milk should:

– Not experience a 7% birth weight loss after delivery in its first few days.
– Have 1-3 hours contentment between feedings.
– Wet at least (6 diapers daily) with very clear or pale pee while at (7-10) days old.

Signs Your Baby is Hungry:

– Crying is the most relevant common sign that your baby needs feeding attention; which is breastfeeding. Other signs include:
– Heading to look for the breast, moving its mouth, jaws or rooting, licking its lips or with the tongue sticking outside.
– Fussiness
– Opening their mouth
– Inserting/putting their hand in their mouth
– Sucking on things.

What’s the Best Position for Breastfeeding?

No straining in holding the position while nursing, relaxed and comfortable position holding favouring both the mom and the baby, accounts to the best breastfeeding position. Breastfeeding positions form the following:

Cradle position: The side of your baby’s head is made to rest in the elbow crook forcing its entire body face towards you while in support of its head and neck with the other relaxing free-arm. Or support the downward buttocks and back by holding below through your baby’s legs.

Football position: The baby is held in a football manner by the forearm being aligned to the baby’s back with the palm supporting the neck and the head. This position is likely best for those recovering from surgery after birth (cesarean), to protect your stomach from the baby’s weight. It’s best for also small newly born babies.

Side-lying position: This forms the greatest position for night feeding while in bed. It also works well for episiotomy recovery (an incision during delivery, to widen the vaginal opening). For more assistance, you can have one or two pillows under your head comfortably and relax. Cuddling close to your baby, lift the breast nipple towards the baby’s mouth by using your other exempted free hand. Then support the neck and head with the other free hand once it’s correctly “latched on.” Avoiding much body straining and twisting while nursing, get the baby’s neck and head in support of the other free hand, latching in the baby correctly.

Cross-cradle holds: Comfortably sit straight in an armrest chair. In the (clasp of your arm), hold your baby facing opposite towards the breast you are to use to feed it on. With the baby across your body and your tummies facing each other, cup your breast with your other hand in a U- shaped hold. By not leaning forward, draw your baby’s mouth to the breast closely cradling them.

Laid-back position/biological-nurturing-position: Taps into breastfeeding instincts existing between the mom and the baby. On a couch or bed, lean back avoiding being flat, with support for your shoulders and the head. Make sure your entire front touch while holding the baby. As long as the baby’s cheek rests near your breast, let your baby comfortably take any position willingly. Help it get latched on if it needs it.

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