Light skin products and problems review.

Especially for young ladies, it can be so easy attaining that beautiful clear stunning glowing smooth natural baby face. No more ails about your ficial impression will be experienced after considering and going through these points.

How to have a stunning, glowing, beautiful, smooth, natural baby face, without use of face masks and chemicals to achieve a light skin.

Especially for young ladies, it can be so easy attaining that beautiful clear stunning glowing smooth natural baby face. No more ails about your ficial impression will be experienced after considering and going through these points. As you wait for those brilliant results on your face and skin texture/posture, just little patience is needed. We all do a big mistake by wanting to correct our mistakes directly without minding about their source; I mean, the main cause initiating the issue.
The problem of a hard, cracked, pimpled and rushy face can simply be corrected through finding out, what the problem of the exact cause really is?

Ask yourself these simple self-explanatory questions:
1. What do I do daily that really hinders my face appearance?
2. What do I use, consume or eat that really affects my face?

Over years, we have been submitted to beauty face masks usage by either our friends or the surrounding industrial estates, through their touching advertisements. “Not everything that cries out to be good is relatively good!” Sometimes we intend to do nasty stuff hoping for positive results. For example, masking our faces and applying/use of the most costly outstanding beauty creams and ointments, with a hope of acquiring a smooth-light-skin.

Have you ever thought of its unfavorable reactions on the skin?

Stop going through those stressful moments of masking your face throughout the night with those eggs and cucumbers. You need to prevent that oil from accumulating in your skin, by doing the right things to your body through workouts and good eating habit. Let’s fight this problem from the source! Implying that you need to treat it through your lifestyle transformations.
You need to deviate your lifestyle attitude in order to attain those brilliant results on your face and skin at large, by considering the following:

1. Avoid applying the beauty mask and sleeping with it the all night. This will enhance cracking of your skin as the mask hardens off on the skin. The loose cracked face will eventually be exposed to easy infiltration of mercury, mostly found in the creams we use. When too much of it penetrates, it can cause cancer.

Face masks

2. Don’t steam/fume your face. This subjects it to cracking, making it pill off and pale. Fuming or steaming your face, kills some of your essential skin-cells. Despite having that hope of reducing oil accumulation, this is a wrong approach on your skin. Simply change your mode of life. Especially the type of diet you administer daily to your body. Bad-diet, bad-life.

3. Often deworming:
Since the swellings on your face could be as a result of infestation of worms in the skin and intestines. Sometimes these worms can be seen moving under the skin.

Also, too many worms’ infestation causes a rushy skin. There excretions are normally deposited on the forehead of your face, around the elbows, and the knees. To get rid of them, make sure you deworm at least every after 3 months or according to your doctor’s prescription. Also incorporate hygiene always.

4. What you put in your mouth:
– Limit on too much sugary foodstuffs. eggs, smokies, margarine, cooking oil and too much protein intake.
– Stop eating stones.
– Deworming.
– Take fresh blended juices like (lemonade with no added sugar).
– Eat food which is ready. (Well cooked)
– Take small/little portions of meat. If you are serving chicken, don’t eat the skin.
– Exercise and take lots of water.
– No much alcohol intake.
– Bath well; always start with your face and rinse it well with clean water.
– Don’t whip your face with anything after cleaning up, just leave it to dry up slowly on its own in a few minutes.
– Apply only petroleum jelly on your face after cleaning up while the skin still has moisture.
– Avoid bleaching creams, ointments and other beauty products. These might deteriorate your skin appearance through burns and exposure to other infections.
– Clean your hair and maintain it clean always. By doing so, your face will be free from contamination caused by sweat from your hair.
– Eat plenties of vegetables and fruits at large.

It’s booming, it’s on the rise, it’s dangerous, but can it be stopped? The skin lightening creams trade!

Skin lightening creams and cosmetics.

Despite many being illegal, they are increasingly becoming popular injections, pills and creams that promise lightened skin colour. They contain banned chemicals for human administration, under safety regulations. Which are linked to skin damage, poisoning, corticosteroids, liver and kidney malfunction by its coexistence of mercury and hydroquinone. Corticosteroid cream misuse, is associated with skin thinning that makes you vulnerable to counterintuitive, skin darkening and cancer exposure.
The business is booming all over the world. It was noted that, It’s projected to reach ($8.9BN) in 2027, being worth of ($4.8BN) in 2017. It’s being fuelled by Asian-pacific region middle class people. Despite of illegality, formulating a new way of making sales by the associates to dominate the market through new product coding system, has been initiated to avoid arrest. It’s still on the run booming the market as they will always find a way out to continue. This makes it difficult to detect the number of people legally using the products.
These creams skin lightening products include injections, pills, and scrubs designated to slow melanin production which always darkens the skin. Majority of these are created or manufactured by pharmaceutical giants such as L’Oreal, Gamble, Proctor and Unilever. They all come with massive budgets for marketing.
Being 77% in Nigeria, 61% in India and 40% in China, forms the percentage of women using skin lightening creams/products regularly.(From World Health Organization study). This is due to lack of adequate knowledge pertaining the illegal lightening beauty products they use.

Among other videos, they mark the leading with the highest views count on YouTube. Especially from vloggers who focus on the use of ingredients extracted naturally from the surrounding either created by pharmaceutical or homemade. These harsh whitening products are not recommended.

An African-American internet poster boy, Frank White, regularly argues his position everywhere from Fox to the Daily Mail, concerning his health from the use of skin lightening products since his teenage. Which he describes it “dangerous” as they contain intoxicated ingredients such as hydroquinone. He started a YouTube channel for reviewing these unsafe items and sharing his findings, focused on educating people about how harmful they are. He is classified high-profile skin lightening vloggers hailing from the Asia. Furthermore, he explains how he had some hard times with the lighting creams giving him terrible results including those that FDA has certified.

“Dark-is-beautiful.” Ending lighter skin obsession world’s battle.

Based in Texas, an activist and a photographer, Pax Jones; in 2016 February, she woke up only to find her “hashtagged UnfairandLovely” photos running viral which she had taken with her dark-skinned Sri Lankan classmates, {The tag now forms a play in one of the South-Asia’s most renowned skin lightening creams, Fair and Lovely}.
People joining in and sharing their dark-skinned beauty, the campaign hit international news. She said that one day she woke up and saw literally more than a thousand tweets, of people tweeting about it including Lupita Nyong’o post.
Bringing out the hazards of skin-lightening, and tackling colourism as a concept, Jones refurbished the slogan to enlighten people and fight against lightening creams products.

Dark skinned actresses: Natural beauty.

Despite light skin being associated to “rocking high to success”, most stars rocking the world are dark skin. They use no bleaching agents and are proud of whom they really are. That’s why they are the top rocking stars. An example of such stars includes the following:

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