Risk effects of soft drinks to health; 13 Sugary soda effects you are not aware of!

Despite having that longing sweet taste especially when served while cold, they can be very dangerous to our health. The soft drinks companies always states that, the drinks are nutritious but doesn’t state how often we should use them. Even if they do specify, we always assume and defy the labels including the drink’s sugar content and capacity or concentration. The contradiction comes with the type of advertisements they ran on different medias. In their advertisements,  they only emphasize on a larger quantity consumption by their respective consumers not putting into consideration the health wellness pertaining consumption of their commodities. Their main or number one objective, is to make profit while you end up in the hospital bed.  We also get carried away and absorbed by the types of advertisement errands being ran through the media. To your own safety, take them in very small quantities and make sure that you read the labels very carefully including the expiry date.

Employ a habit of analyzing any foodstuff before putting it into your mouth. Health-wise, this will protect you from harming your body through soda and juice consumption due to high sugar and sodium concentration.
There are some ingredients in the soft drinks that are not agreeable with what we use daily. Like being on a certain medication over a certain sickness. If some elements in the drugs you are administered for your sickness, gets mixed up with some soft drink elements, they might form some compounds which might be so harmful to your well-being. So take precautions before taking any kind of a soft drink while on medication. Sugar and other ingredients found in those drugs, always reacts forming other compounds such as sodium chloride and potassium chloride that might be so harmful to your organs if they become a lot in the blood stream despite being also essential for our health. There utmost presence, can make you vulnerable to heart failure, kidney problem, stroke and high blood pressure.

Try always to stay within your  BMI – (Body Mass Index), by avoiding lots of sugars and stay out of trouble with your health. Increase in weight always signifies bad assumptions made concerning your health. It also reflects how some of your organs have started being under pressure, restraining from working properly. When these organs becomes invalid towards their chores, medication should be administered to bring them back to normal. But in most cases, some medication doesn’t work properly because of our way of life including our attitude of not being ready to change our lifestyle, even after being deduced to certain illness.

Generally under usual cases, most people are born strong and healthful. But most diseases in the world come or are acquired due to our bad habits like taking too much soda and most processed juices, eating too much fried food than boiled ones, being more alcoholic and not assessing our daily energies by taking the right steps in our life; like engaging in or employing physical workouts.

Extreme consumption of soft drinks can lead to acidosis a situation whereby acids monopolizes your body making you prone to certain illness like cancer. Most soft drinks contain acids. If these acids dominates the body’s systems, they might be so harmful to our health. They might wear and tear some of your organs and body tissues.

There is a possibility of not taking the right amount of water daily while taking large portions of processed juice. If juice is taken in large quantities, it will most probably make you not take enough water as needed daily, since your stomach will feel full throughout making you feel less thirsty. If this occurs, it might trigger the concentration of sugar/salts and acids in your body elevating it. The acids formed, will start tearing off some of your body’s tissues leading to cancer or other serious illness like kidney and bladder failure.
This also might interfere with some of your body organs leading to numerous surgeries being conducted on your body to stabilize your condition.

Taking good care of yourself health-wise, is a good phenomenon and habit to practice. Respecting your body by administering everything that gets into it, can make you live a good life free from numerous diseases that might make you live uncomfortable life till your time elapses.
How does it feel, taking numerous doses of medicines per day just to cure the diseases you possess, like having diagnosed with diabetes at the same time with hypertension? Do you know that you can avoid all those bad scenarios by just doing the right thing every day? Our life evolves on our decisions made daily. Bad decisions can cost a lot in our lives.

It’s not all that hard to start a good and promising healthy practice. Always mind about the food you put in your mouth, regulate the amount of soda and processed juice intake and the type of activities you engage yourself in during the day. Make sure that every activity done, has a positive value to your health. If not, try finding little time always and engage in any physical activity for the well-being of your body.

The most dangerous thing is to be diagnosed with more than one disease. As this will definitely tarnish your life chopping down your life-span! Being on medication throughout, is not a good thing. Despite medicine helping us to cool down our sickness conditions, they usually leave us with some harm due to their side effects. Most patients on therapies, are always left with some of their organs not functioning well due to the adverse effects caused by their medication therapy.


– Avoid serving meals with a bottle of soda or any kind of processed juice. Always go for blended readily available home made fresh juice. This will leave you relaxed and free from harmful substances that might affect your health.

– Make a habit of taking soda or any other juices, once in a blue moon. It should not be considered a routine or a daily practice. Since too much sodium intake found in soda and other processed juices, can be harmful to our health. This can increase risks of developing high blood pressure if not taken care of.

Taking too much soda and processed juice can make you feel the following:

– irritability or mood changes
– dizziness or light-headaches
– fast heartbeat
– shakiness
– sweating especially during nighttime.
– irritability or mood changes
– blurred vision caused by too much sugar in the blood vains.
– inflammation in some body’s organs and joints
– kidney problems
– feeling bloated
– heartburn
– constipation
– belching
– upset stomach
– itching skin
– dry and cracked skin

13 Sugary soda effects you are not aware of!

1. Sugary drinks over a whole meal, they don’t satisfy. But instead, they supply simple sugar fructose in amounts leading to weight gain. They can’t make you full. This gives a clear explanation why they are linked to weight gain.
Adding soda in your daily meals, will make you consume 17 percent more calories according to studies (Trusted Sources).

Surprisingly consistent taking of sweetened beverages causes weight gain. In children, there is a 60 percent obesity risk if served daily.

2. If large amounts of sugar gets unused in the liver, they get turned into fats. No cell in the body can metabolize the fructose high levels in the bloodstream as it is easier for glucose. Only one organ (the liver) can metabolize it. If the liver gets overloaded, it turns the fructose into fats, which might give way to nonalcoholic-fatty-liver disease.

3. Drastic increase in visceral fat (commonly known as belly fat) accumulation, around the belly and other organs. This is associated with weight gain, type 2 diabetes risks and heart diseases.

4. Insulin resistance in diabetes patients, might occur due to sugary soda consumption. If you drink soda, your cells may become insensitive and irresistible to the insulin effects. If this happens, more
insulin must be made by the pancreas inorder to remove glucose from the bloodstream leading to metabolic syndrome.

5. Sugar-Sweetened-Beverages are the type-2-diabetes leading dietary causes. This affects millions of people living worldwide due to their love of sweetened beverages.

6. There are no essential nutrients in the sugary soda, no minerals, no fibre, no vitamins just refined sugar. It adds nothing to your diet, but only unnecessary calories.

7. The number of calories we eat and burn can’t no longer be regulated by lepton hormone (starvation hormone) hence leading to lepton resistance. This is normally affected by too much fructose intake.

8. Sugary soda is addictive especially to people with less discipline in their dietary intake. Just like hard drugs do affects our brain, studies shows that too much sugar can affect our brain too.

9. Sugary beverages, smoothened and processed juices, makes you vulnerable to unhealthy lifestyle involving heart diseases and other high blood sugar related diseases. From studies (Trusted Sources), those who use at least one sugary drink per day, has a reasonably 20-percent risk of dying from heart related illnesses than those who don’t use at all.

10. Being sugary soda minded, makes you prone to cancer risks. Cancer tends to associate hand-in-hand with serious sicknesses like heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases.
Frequent use of sugary soda and processed juices can lead to pancreatic cancer. For women who take sugary soda frequently, they run a risk of developing endometrial cancer (the inner lining of the uterus cancer).

11. The soda acids and sugar are disastrous to your dental health. The carbonic and phosphoric acids found in soda, makes your teeth vulnerable to decay. Sugary soda also provides digestible energy easily to the bad bacteria in the mouth which over time, wreak havoc on the dental health.

12. Most gouts illness cases are more pronounced and mentioned to be caused by sugary soda drinks. It’s characterized by deep inflammation and pain in the joints. When high levels of uric acids in the blood becomes crystallized, gouts typically occurs.  Increased uric acid levels in the body, are normally caused by the main carbohydrates (fructose) that eventually causes gout.
14-percent and 50-percent of female and male respectively, run a great risk of gout infections as experimented through long-term studies over sugary drinks and processed juices consumption.

13. Dementia increased risks on sugar consumption.
Declines in the brain function in the older days (dementia), is associated with increased levels of sugar in the blood. If serious care not taken or not seriously handled earlier, it can give rise to Alzheimer’s disease.

Note: People who drink beer responsibly with utmost discipline, experience a healthier lifestyle compared to sugary soda and processed juice drinkers.

Read more: https://www.medicinenet.com/health_problems_caused_by_drinking_soft_drinks/article.htm

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  1. Back in my Army days in the early 80’s it was called β€œlolly water”. Amazing that they could see soft drinks for what they were back then and it took the experts years to catch up.

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