Your Choices Controls Your Life.

Your Choices Controls Your Life.

Your choices controls and moulds your life. What we choose to do, relate to, ingest in our body, feed to our brains controls and builds our lives. Everything we engage ourselves in has bad and good results.What we feed our brains with, makes a choice.

1. What we chooses to bile up in our mind, might be so dangerous.

People have a tendancy of making illusions in their brains and building castles in the air. They always think they know a lot when they really don’t know anything. Fake illusions are bad and even suicidal. This choice shouldn’t be at anytime made a choice as it’s the mother of disagreement and disputes generated from pure gossip. Why is gossip a gossip? because it’s unconfirmed details with no affirmative truth but just illusions made by different brains of people involved in a bulshit talk.

A brain is like a computer, what we program it through our mind is fed to the brain. So don’t make a wrong choice of transmitting wrong information to your brain as this might cost your life.

2. Your choice of whom to relate to through friendship or relationship really matters.

Most people have a tendency of imitating facial expression or action of the people they are close to and even make the same choices as their friends do until they all rhyme in everything including behaviour and their own action upon life. Your world and achievements depends on the friendship daily evolved amoung people chosen in your life. “You choose a person for friendship, you make a different choice that builds either a great world or unpleasant different world around you.” This also goes to the type of partners we make engagement with. If your partner’s actions and choices are positive, yours too will be positive. In life, “the road you choose is what takes you there,” you choose a wrong route, you end up in a ditch. These comes as a result of:

3. What we relate to.

Success also has something to do with the type of career you decide. Some careers have a limit of scale to development so be very careful while choosing your career since they deny you time to think and explore your own ideas for greater achievement and even deny you time to relax with your family members just because you made a wrong choice. In life if you miss some of the vital and important activities, it’s like you are dead, your existence doesn’t matter. Life is life when you are doing almost everything that matters positively not negative. Above all, remember to keep positive choices and let the negative ones go.

4. Our way of life is directly proportional to our health.

You decide to eat and avoid exercise, bad for you, it’s your choice you have chosen! You decide to avoid whole meals i.e eating food at its original state and opt for junk food, it’s a big problem, a wrong choice you have made for your health. If you make a choice to go natural avoiding artificial processed products and stuff by eating food at its natural state like consuming direct natural fruits blended juice than the processed one with many chemical additives, avoiding bread and cakes which have high levels of yeast, sodium bicarbonate, processed sugar and other unknown food chemicals instead opt for natural food stuffs like sweet potatoes, pumpkins and arrowroot which are purely natural and contains no chemical additives but only essential nutrients to our bodies; it’s your choice, it’s your life, no one will force you to do otherwise but remember when you start to incur the consequences of your own act over a bad choice made, don’t blame anyone but yourself since your life is your choice; no one will pressure you to do the right thing.

5. Exercise and diet.

Physical exercise and a healthy good diet plays a big role in our well-being as it makes a positive choice in our life. Through exercise, our body and mind gets refreshed for an easy new beginning every day.

Why balance diet is called balance diet, is that you need to balance everything in your body by taking the  right meal and doing the right exercise to burn down excess fats and balance you to the right weight with regard to your body mass index.

However, when shall we open our eyes and make good positive choices over our lives? Natural food stuffs are cheaper as compared to artificially manufactured and processed food but ironically, we still make wrong choices in our life and still go for the worst commodities and incur the greatest loses of paying high medical bills trying to eradicate our negative decision choice made from going artificial yet natural is cheap and the out come is cheaper too, you won’t be seen fighting around with high medical bills to eliminate the sickness impact caused through their consumption, natural is delightful and has a perfect positive impact on our health and the choice is much positive and enjoyable.

The choice of going natural, makes considerably a positive impact on our lives. We all need to go natural as this helps us to stay immune from getting infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

You choose to eat healthy, brings a healthy life/living with no health difficulties. Some diseases come because of our daily routine. Either you are eating the wrong food stuff or exposing your body to too much ingestion of toxic and poisoned food. Avoid eating expired food, always check the expiry date before buying, as your choice is your life make sure you make the right choice to avoid it’s worse outcomes.

6. Impact of choice of love on our beloved ones.

You choose to raise your children with junk food, sad for you. We always do this mistake in the name of love. Sometimes love can be the worst of all aspects in our life since it can lead you to doing the most wrong things unconsciously by making wrong choices over good ones. One of the things is, because of love we give our children sweets and too much junk to make them happy but inversely you become sad after they have become ill. Why should you make such a bad choice when you know very well that you are doing something bad that gonna have the worst impact so far making your loved ones grow up vulnerable to many sickness including high blood pressure and diabetes.

Children are always innocent, how we treat them, what we give them, really matters. Always make sure that the choices made upon them are not harmful to them in anyway that might interfere with their brilliant great life. if sweets are good, how comes their teeth rot, if junk is good, how comes they increase weight and become morbidly obese? By the time their teeth rot and weight increase, what do you think happens to their tissues inside? They are rotten too. They have no choice but to accept since they know nothing and are still green in mind.

7. If we really care, we should care about everything and take deep concern about it before executing anything.

If you decide not to take the required amount of water daily, it’s a wrong choice of life; you are calling for such serious problems like cancer. Taking the right amount of water daily will help your body fight over certain bacteria and viruses that might be planning to attack you. Water also helps to prevent dehydration and stabilise the amount of sugar in your body by lowering the concentration of both sugar and salt. Those who don’t take enough water, have their sugar levels almost higher than those who obey positive choices and choose to take water frequently. Taking at least two cups of hot water daily after meals, will help you stabilise your digestion work out and keep you healthy.

You make a choice in your life to avoid water and instead ingest too much alcohol, soft drinks and high energy drinks could lead you into a much serious problem.

Before making any choice, or any step in life, you need to think critically to avoid the worst by avoiding wrong choices.

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