The Health Benefits Of Beer.

Some studies carried out based on moderate beer consumption, shows that beer can have adverse health benefits.
But this doesn’t permit you or should not be used as an excuse to over drink beer.Β Remember too much of anything is declared poisonous. If you drink heavily, you might arouse cancer risks, malnutrition, pancreatitis, hypertension and cirrhosis.

The following were the assumptions made on the research carried out on the health benefits of beer.

1. Heart protection.

According to studies, moderate consumption of beer helps, reduces the occurrences of heart attacks, heart diseases and stroke among men and women. With relative studies carried on all types of alcohol beverage; beer, wine and spirits, they are associated with low rates of cardiovascular disease. Refer to New England Journal of Medicine

2. Beer cuts down, lowers bad cholesterol intake.

Your bad cholesterol or your LDL can be reduced by the soluble fibre found in beer. An increase in soluble fibre intake, has numerous benefits concerning our health. These includes promotion of blood-cholesterol level and healthy blood-sugar level. However, the body’s ability to burn stored fats can be lessened by beer intake. Since it interferes with the body’s ability to absorb all kind of minerals and vitamins. Reference from American Heart Association: Circulation

3. Beer helps, protects and strengthens your bones.

It helps build stronger bones due to its silicon high content. This silicon content helps to reduce a bone-thinning disease called osteoporosis. Soluble dietary silicon of orthosilicic acid (OSA) may be important for the development of connective tissue and growth of bone. Refer to National Institutes of Health

4. Beer reduces and enhances protection from kidney stones.

According to the studies, men and women said to have been taking moderate beer that contains pale ales in hops. Which are rich in phytochemicals; that promotes kidney health, were found with reduced risks of kidney stones development by 41 percent. Reference: Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

5. Compared to other alcoholic drinks, beer is based more nutritious.

Beer consists of more antioxidants as relatively to wine.The specific flavonoids in barley and hops antioxidants differ from the those flavonoids in grapes. Beer also exhibits high levels of vitamin B and proteins as compared to wine and spirits. It too contains more levels of phosphates, calcium, iron and fibre. Refer to Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry

6. Beer cools, reduces, reliefs, eradicates stress.

Several researchers found that anxiety or work related stress caused by work load, can be reduced by two glasses of beer per day.
However, routinely heavy consumption of alcohol to help cope stress, might turn up being so harmful to your health. Despite alcohol helping to quench, bring down stress, it can contribute largely to making stress hard to be dealt with through much depression and anxiety. Reference from the  American Journal of Psychiatry

7. Beer may trigger, help improve your memory.

Xanthohumol secret ingredient contained in hops that improves cognitive function. The degradation process in memory, can be slowed down by flavonoids in xanthohumol. Dementia; oxidative damage in the brain cells, is also protected.
The research beer dosage used in the study, was relatively higher than what could possibly be consumed in a beer by a human being. Refer to Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

8. Beer massively boosts cognitive function.

Numerous research have proven and shown that moderate alcohol consumption, super highly increases cognitive function. But this research does not enhance increasing levels of alcohol consumption or encouragement of the same. Refer to American Journal of Epidemiology

*Men two drinks per day, Women one drink per day is equal to moderate drinking.

Note that this research should not give you a permissive license to consume alcohol excessively. Consult your doctor about your drinking pattern history and personal health before indulging into it.

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