Success motivation affirmations; your brain coordination with your body and the inner intuition.

Getting to think soberly crystal clear. We all possess some instinct that we really don’t talk about. I mean our brain, body and mind. Nothing works without the other.
Any action taken by our body or any movement made by our body, is always facilitated and directed by our brain.
We see with our eyes and wonder with our brain. Most positive moves are made inconsideration to our body and mind. All happens to become negative because your brain wasn’t well associated with the act.

In the beginning, God brought us on earth. He gave us one powerful gift to move on with life. The greatest power of all creatures, the power and the ability to think, reason and make decisions and act in a positive way. That dignifies self respect and self reflection in our daily life. This powerful gift is so crucial and important in our life.
Without it , you are absolutely naked and nothing. Without it, it would be like a car on the road without a driver, a road to nowhere. And guess what! An accident would apparently happen or occur. Even if that car has a driver and the driver doesn’t coordinate well with the car he is driving and the road he is driving on, apparently an accident would occur.

Not reflecting yourself upon your act by the help of your brain, it will cause you empty days and nights. There will be no success on everything you try. Always accidents since both your brain and body doesn’t coordinate. The two must work together to bring a positive result which is success.
If you work without your brain, you will always have accidents in your life that will never end. You have to work with your brain; your inner intuition.
If you leave your inner intuition or your brain alone, you won’t make any successful move. Your all life will be full of accidents. Always facing misfortunes, always unfortunate.

To be successful all time,you need to think deeply with your brain and coordinate with your body especially your inner intuition.

Your inner intuition will show you:

  • What is bad or what is good.
  • What you are supposed to do or not supposed to do.
  • Where you are supposed to go or where you are not supposed to be.
  • Whom you are supposed to be with or relate with or not relate to.
  • Which friend is good to you.
  • Whom you are not supposed to live with.

All these comes from your brain, deep inside your brain not the shallow part of your brain. I mean the inner intuition of you. Always think and work with your brain, never leave it alone. When you wake up, wake up with it. Since it’s your brain that drives your body throughout the day avoiding any sort of accident.

Your brain is like a CPU on the computer. It’s the central unit for processing information. It is programmed to act with synthesis around us from the moment we are born to date. The things we see and record in our brain, might be good or bad. Not everything recorded is good. The body is always there to be driven by our brain. The bad things recorded can only mean positive if only we coordinate our brain and our body. Never let your body act without your inner intuition. If you do so, misfortunes might follow.

Your brain is like an ignition to your body. If it lies to you, your body might get into bad deeds. Might act negatively bringing anuisant results since the brain manipulates your body. Make sure whatever you think of is well synthesised by your inner intuition, so as to bring positive results but not chaos. Never do things without fully associating your brain on it. You need to fully associate your brain before any act. By doing so, you would be able to see everything crystal clear. There would be no mountains to climb or hills. There would be no regrets in life, just good fortune. Good things will always happen and rain in your life.

Train your brain. Thinking crystal clear!

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