Your Life Your Battlefield.

In life, you don’t only fight external war outside the world. You also encounter individual emotional spiritual war deep inside you. You need to be strong enough to overcome all strains and stress that might be hurting your inner feelings. The positive strength you generate will help you fight your own evil.

Your life your battlefield.

Destructive powers inhibiting your life, your mind and body forms a battlefield; only if you get weak inside and fail to control your emotions and feelings. Both spiritual and affectionate feelings must be positive. Your mental and physical healthy fitness, depends on your own struggle to exhibit the power.

Always fight to maintain good physical and mental relationship inside you by;

  • Molding the power to fight through your own negative qualities, unlawful tendency, thoughts and attitude against your own evil.
  • Molding the power to avoid desire and expectations that might influence your decisions and actions.

NOTE: The powers inhibiting everyone might be destructive or constructive. They also depends on your own attitude towards your life and surrounding.

Every day light streams through the building onto your eyes, it’s a reflection of life being lived. It symbolises how relevant your daily life is and the choices you are to make for your living. Whether constructive or destructive decisions made, will direct you to your destiny. But your wisdom is what restores your confidence and balance of thoughts, putting sense in your actions and thoughts.

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