Marriage Issues Quora – questions you shouldn’t ask in marriage.

Once you are married, there are several activities and questions which shouldn’t be put in practice. Being humble and trying to read your partner’s psychology will be a grateful remedy to heal difficult moments in your marriage. After understanding your spouse, know exactly how to express yourself in case of misunderstanding. Once you get to understand eachother, some questions will never exist as you will be knowing exactly what your spouse taste is.

The following questions might affect your marriage in one way or the other. Try to avoid such questions!

1. Do you love me? 

No! Always say I “love you honey and with you I will always give the best of all love and affection.” This will always strengthen the love bond despite of issues arising in your relationship. This question shows how desperate of love you are. If your partner finds out how desperate you are, you will be undermined at all times by taking full control of your life.

2. Where/how do you want me to kiss? 

Don’t ask but instead do some research and find out what is it that opposite sex feel while being made to experience emotionally. Especially during romance, where exactly to kiss and how to do it, just do it perfectly and wait for a compliment.

3. How sweet or exciting am I? 

Don’t ask but instead let him or her express the feelings towards you as an impact of your sweet romantic love made. Remember, action speaks louder than words.

4. Will you make love to me? 

Don’t ask but generate a lovely condusive romantic environment that will surprise and lead to great intimacy. Remember that, surprised love triggers intense passion that will build a longer everlasting relationship.

5. Do you think about me when am not around?

Don’t ask but instead take action to run crazy love until the answer, ” you know what my love! I love you so much.” Is suddenly pronounced and exposed with great gratitude.

6. How do you feel about me? 

This question might be boring to your spouse. Don’t ask, instead build a lovely motive always that triggers strong feelings towards each other. The strong feelings will expose true love erasing the question ” how do you feel about me?” to automatically fade away.

7. What will you eat/ what can I prepare for you dear? 

No! Say, “Right here is your favourite meal dear, enjoy it.” By the time you stay together, you must have known what your spouse favourite is. If you happen not to know this, then you are not serious in the marriage. You should even be preparing to opt out. I wonder how one can not understand the partner’s likes and dislikes on the character while living together.

8. Will you take me out for dinner? 

Don’t ask, but instead bring him/her closer with lovely stories about best outings and gorgeous blue moons  you have ever had together during courtship and before marriage that will trigger the attention and feelings to have the same experience again. Obvious this will automatically end up in a surprisingly one night lovely dinner.

9. Will you pick me up from work?

Say, “I am right here honey, to pick you up from work.” This will boost the feelings improving on the love inner peace. Sometimes make it a surprise to pick him/her up from job. It also shows how caring you are and how deep your relationship is. You are a couple so no secrets should exist between, always promote true love among yourselves.

10. Are you satisfied with our marriage relationship? 

Don’t ask but instead figure out areas of weakness in your relationship and cultivate good morals towards it. Eventually this will yield a good relationship bond leading to a compulsive unified marriage.

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